Sailvan Times

About Sailvan Times

Sailvan is a technology-driven export cross-border brand e-commerce. The company sells high-quality and individuality to global consumers through third-party e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wish, and vertical category self-operated websites such as SHESHOW and Retro Stage. Modern lifestyle products, including clothing accessories, sports and entertainment, department stores and home furnishings, etc. At the same time, the company also provides logistics services to third parties based on its comprehensive cross-border warehousing and logistics system.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the mission of “making a better life within reach”. In order to meet global consumers’ demand for high-quality and personalized fashion life, the company has continued to cultivate in the basic platform layer, the sales end and the supply end, and has gradually polished out a set of products. Product development and design, brand incubation and operation, and supply chain integration are all integrated platform-based rapid response capabilities. At the basic platform level, the company has full-link digitization capabilities, and has built an agile organizational structure of "small front-end + large mid-stage"; at the sales end, the company builds a brand matrix support based on a cross-regional and cross-platform sales network On the supply side, the company relies on a large and high-quality supplier ecology, global warehousing and logistics network layout, and enables production through a self-developed clothing flexible supply chain system to build efficient supply capabilities.



Company Culture

Vision: Build an intelligent business platform

Mission: Make a better life within reach.

  • Core Value:

    Customer first: meet and exceed customer needs, be grateful, serve attentively, and achieve customer success;

    Integrity: honesty and honesty, courage to take responsibility, and keep promises;

    Team: Sharing and sharing, open and inclusive, and the overall situation is the most important;

    Innovation: embrace change, be brave to innovate, and tolerate failure;

    Passion: Enjoy work, surpass yourself, and never give up.

  • Talent View:

    The concept of selecting talents: Virtue is the first, only talents are used, and the same path is of one mind;

    The concept of cultivating talents: actively cultivate, stimulate potential, and encourage mobility;

    Talent concept: suitable for people and position, fairness and justice, loyalty first;

    The concept of motivating talents: fair assessment, unlimited incentives, and awards for the good and the weak.

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